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The Story Begins...

Last revised: March 07, 2009.


Born in Ivanhoe Hospital in Victoria, Ann-Maree moved to Queensland in 1974, just in time for the floods. The poor old cat didn't make it.
But she still calls Queensland home.
(That's Ann-Maree not the cat !)

Before TV, Ann-Maree worked as a house cleaner and a receptionist (Herald Sun-24Nov 2001). But it was in her time as a Window Dresser, that Ann-Maree had the chance to start expressing herself - drawing inspiration for her installations from drag shows !

Back in the early days of her career, when Ann-Maree started work wearing a skirt, Agro's caustic comments ensured that only jeans would be worn from that day forth.


How did you get into teleland ?

1987: I won a fifty dollar bet with a friend of mine to audition for a children's show.

The show was called "Teleclub" and was hosted by myself and a puppet called Scruffy the Dog.

The television station was located in Maryborough Queensland.

So long before I met Agro I had already learn't how to handle pesky puppets !!!!!!!!

Then I went to Channel 7, then I went to Nine, and now I'm back at Channel 10.

The Great Outdoors was really hard going - because it's not a holiday, you work really hard !



Most memorable Xmas ?

I think it was when I got a Malvern Star bike. It had these streamers coming out the side, it had the basket with the flowers, it was just fantastic.
That was last year...

I was lucky enough to have Xmas overseas one year, and there was a whole bunch... about 25 of us... and it was the best Xmas ever. It was in America and it was snowing and it was fan-tas-tic.

My first one away from home was when I was 15... I was overseas again, with the school, in Germany, and something very funny happened...


Agro NUDE !

More to follow - watch this space...

And Don't Forget .....



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