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As the spirit of Elvis visits GMA,

we see a vision of our own...

A late Hallowe'en -

or an early Xmas present?


Now what would 'Buffy' do with one of these ?


'Thank you very much !' to Carolyn for all the nice close-ups.


And now for some GMA
Patti Newton, Bert, Ann-Maree
Multi-Celebrity Wallpaper

Trick or Treat ?
Wallpaper - Ann-Maree & Patti Newton put Bert in his place
Treat :- Bert always wanted to be an icy pole...

Click on a size :-

Ann-Marie - Bert - Patti Newton - Good Morning Australia

Patty MacGrath The Tarax Show Patti with her first true love - Gerry GeePatti McGrath & Gerry Gee
The Tarax Show - 1960's


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Around 14,000 fans were asked what they thought in a survey by high street store chain Woolworths.

Elvis Presley's jewel-encrusted white jump suit has been voted the greatest, most memorable, rock outfit of all time. K y l i e M i n o g u e 's gold hotpants came a close second in a poll, reports the Sun.

They gave a resounding thumbs-down to the rip-off dresses worn by the B u c k s F i z z girls in the 1981 E u r o v i s i o n contest, branding them the worst outfits. B a d l y D r a w n B o y 's tea cosy hat was also slated, along with rap star M C H a m m e r 's baggy pants.

Confusingly, C h r i s t i n a A g u i l e r a 's leather chaps made it into both lists.

But it was the jump suit which emerged as a clear winner in the poll, with three entries in the top ten - Elvis, A b b a and J u s t i n H a w k i n s of The D a r k n e s s.

"Some outfits become so famous
their reputation lasts longer than the music,
or even the artist"

_________________Woolworth's spokesman.

The TOP 10

1. E l v i s P r e s l e y - white jump suit
2. K y l i e M i n o g u e - gold hot pants
3. S e x P i s t o l s - torn jeans and safety pins
4. M a d o n n a - conical bra
5. B r i t n e y S p e a r s - schoolgirrl outfit
6. K i s s - leather, studs, face paint
7. M i c h a e l J a c k s o n - red leather Thriller outfit
8. A b b a - flared jump suits
9. M i c h a e l J a c k s o n - black trousers, white socks, black shoes
10. J u s t i n H a w k i n s - white jump suit


1. B u c k s F i z z - rip-off skirts
2. B a d l y D r a w n B o y - tea cosy hat
3. M C H a m m e r - baggy pants
4. G e r i H a l l i w e l l - union flag dress
5. C h r i s t i n a A g u i l e r - a leather chaps
6. C h e r - see-through dress with visible thong
7. C h e e k y G i r l s - gold hotpants
8. K a t e B u s h - multi-coloured legwarmers
9. V i l l a g e P e o p l e - gay outfits
10. M e a t L o a f - frilly white shirt and matching hankie

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