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Last revised: November 05, 2004.

January - month of the Roman deity :


The god with two faces

one looking to the future,

one looking to the past

God of Doors,

open in times of war,

closed in times of peace.


Gemma seen hear providing the KEYS of JANUS

_And the STAFF of JANUS.


Ring out the old,

Ring in the new...


and sing... Ting-A-Ling-A-Loo




Blast of January would blow you through and through...

And just like Mona Lisa,
her eyes will follow you...


_January Flowers: -
_The Car-nation & the Snowdrop

Frank Gorshin in his
Emmy nominated performance:


Vidcap quality limited due to VHS Long-Play source. Apologies to Frank Gorshin and Benny Hill.
Well, that's about it for Wolf Month, Thor.

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