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___ 2004 ______Ann-M

2004 DEC 07 Xmas Time !

Ann-Maree relives her Xmas memories...

2004 OCT 2904 Halloween

2004 SEP 04
__ A gallery page with a difference - Grow it, Show it....

2004 JUL 16

_ _ O_ B'ggar !

Inspired by her visit to N'Z'ln' -
The L'nd o' the L'ng Whit' Cl'd,

Ann-Maree proves once again that she truly is a SIX SYMBOL ...


Two thirds of the beast !_

2004 JUL 05
Might GMA create a page for Ann-Maree ?

Well, maybe... it's only taken four and a half years,
but it sounds like GMA is perhaps finally going to provide
official web page for the lovely Ann-Maree... I hope.


2004 JUN 29 - Australian Idol meets a couple of blokes.

2004 JUN 19 - Happy Birthday Ann-Maree !

2004 JUN 04 A New Bert --
Hi there fellow Hi-Fis.  I'm Bert Newton
Brisbane Courier Mail reviews the new look GMA,
with particular attention to our favourite looker.

___2004 MAY 26 Polling time for Ann-Maree

___2004 APR 23 Galleries updated - Simply Scrumptious

2004 MAR 26

Ann-Maree will be appearing at Myer Melbourne

- Saturday
27th and Sunday 28th March - 11am to 2pm -

with Basil Brush, the well known Terry Thomas impersonator.

For once, I feel sorry for poor old Agro
- he must feel like a used bathmat....

2004 JAN 16

Ann-Maree Biggar IS Janus !

Ann-Maree finds herself
in the hands of Jemma

Ann-Marie Biggar


___ 2003 ______
Ann-Marie Biggar

2003 DEC 16

It looks like rain dear.

[A Xmas Gallery]


2003 DEC 09 Viva Ann-Maree

The spirit of Elvis visited GMA, setting our souls on fire !

See more pics before Elvis leaves the building...



2003 OCT 24
Steamy Lunch Date

Tongues started wagging when Ann-Maree was seen lunching with this ...


Click here to see WHO the lucky man is !

2003 OCT 21
Breast Cancer Awareness Anne-Maree Biggar

* Baker's Delight - Buy a block and help fight breast cancer

2003 JUL 31

Ann-Maree sparkled as celebrity guest at the the annual "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" charity function for "Women For Challenge" at the Hilton Hotel which raised $50,000 from the crowd of 600 ladies on the night.

Check out the rocks on Ann-Maree !

2003 JUL 22 Shop For Schools at Glen Waverly Shopping Centre

2003 JUL 04 More AMB ! Good Monring Australia

Voila ! Just like magic !

As predicted here last week,

Ann-Maree's Friday appearance was extended to over 4 minutes !

Talk about seeing Rockets for the Fourth of July !

2003 JUN 26

Click pic to enlarge

With Network Ten's announced 1st July change-over to 24 hour High-Definition Digital transmission, Good Morning Australia is being extended by half an hour per day.

With a little bit of luck, perhaps we will see more of the lovely Ann-Maree !

Wow more AMB, and in HD as well.
Tis truly Xmas in July !.

2003 JUN 19
It's that time of year again...

Ann-Maree marked her birthday this week with a live gurning demonstration, after emulating The Tarax Show's TV Dentist.


2003 JUN 10 Mutiny On The Como

In a flashback to the 1960s, Ann-Maree gives Barbarella a run for her money.

2003 MAY 20 New Do

Ann-Maree was sporting a new hair-do today,
with a braid on each side.

Coincidentally, this was the same day that soccer star Beckham began sporting a new braided look...

{ Does this mean that Ann-Maree is a secret Soccer afficianado ?}

2003 MAY 17
Snafu memories Anne-Marie Biggar

Channel 7 rolled out a blooper special, which included a clip of Ann-Maree trying to save the bath mat from being exposed on national television.

This was easily the highlight of the show.

2003 FEB 09 Ann-Maree Valentine's day
entry deleted



___ 2002 ______

Ann-Maree has set a record with the recent GMA competition, for the sheer size of the response from the audience.

This might explain
why I couldn't get through
on the contest phone number -

it didn't have enough lines
to cope with the demand !

2002 SEP 02
Ann-Maree at the Adelaide Show

Look out on Thursday for Ann-Maree's report from The Adelaide Show on GMA.


2002 AUG 14 Ann-Maree at the Brisbane Ekka

Ann-Maree is in Queensland this week to report on the Ekka for Network 10.

You can probably catch her report on GMA on Friday.


2002 AUG 01 Ann-Maree's Competitor

Show business is a real cut-throat industry, with new talent always turning up to challenge the incumbents.

Friday morning, Ann-Maree's video review on GMA faced the most serious competitor of her entire career, when radio station 3AW turned up the heat with a live cross to a pie baking event being judged by Ann-Maree Biggar.

Will Ann-Maree be able to defeat this onslaught from Ann-Maree ?
Only time will tell...

2002 APR 12
Insights on 3AW

When Ernie Sigley suggested some potential beaus:

Kerry O'Brien - "He's a spunk" ___Keith MacGowan -
Keith McGowan - "You'd have to squint to make him look attractive !"

Back in the early days of her career, when Ann-Maree started work wearing a skirt, Agro's caustic comments ensured that only jeans would be worn from that day forth. [Until the revamp of GMA in 2004, but that's another story...]

Anne-Marie Biggar TITS !

Ann-Maree sees herself as an old fashioned sort of girl, who will change her name when she gets married, and recommends salt water for conjunctivitis.


2002 Jan 30 Ann-Maree becoming a Bikie Chick !

Ann-Maree has announced her intention to become a bikie chick.
Not a role on TV, but actually for real.

Acknowledging on radio 3AW that bike riders are in constant danger from car drivers on the roads, perhaps Ann-Maree has a previously hidden taste for high risk excitement.

I can see the headlines on the the show biz mags:

"Shock ! Horror !! Brush with Death !!!".

CleavageAnne-Maree Biggar

___ 2001 ______

2001 Dec 30 Jobs before Show-biz

In November, Ann-Maree appeared at an event at Kilvington Girls Grammar School, along with a number of other female media personalities.

Reported in The Herald Sun
(24Nov), the event was organised by the organization "JustBU".


2001 Dec 16 Ann-Maree still with GMA in 2002

Good Morning Australia has a tendency to turn-over presenters each year, but it sounds like Ann-Maree will still be there in 2002.



2001 Oct 29 Lookout for AMB during spring racing

Look out for Ann-Maree during the coverage of the horse racing on Network 10. (Melbourne Cup etc).


2001 Aug 13 Seen on Totally Wild

Ann-Maree turned up on Totally Wild talking about frogs.
Does this happen often ?


2001 Jun 20 Ann-Maree's birthday this week (19 Jun)

In Ann-Maree's regular Tuesday spot on "Good Morning Australia" this week (19 Jun 2001)
Bert Newton wished Ann-Maree a Happy Birthday. The lovely Ann-Maree born just
34 short years ago.


___ 2000 ______

2000 Jan 27 Ann-Maree to join Good Morning Australia

Ann-Maree to join Bert for the new and unusual products segment,
on the new GMA "digital studio set".
(Is the set digital ?? WOW !)

Read more at: sofcom

___ 1990s ______

1999 Aug 02 Ann-Maree's rips shirt off hunk Shane Woewodin

Allegedly..... Read more at angelfire-ab

1997 IMT

1994 Oct 27 Agro + Ann-Maree = Brekky Ratings Winners !

Ratings Reportage :- "Agro's Cartoon Connection on Seven is certainly giving Nine's infinitely more expensive Today show a run for its money on weekday mornings. Agro and Ann-Maree consistently get low to mid-teens while Steve Liebmann and Elizabeth Hayes barely manage a 10. Perhaps Steve and Liz should can the chit-chat and show the occasional Bugs Bunny 'toon. " Media-Spy


1992 Jan 05 Agro's New Year Resolution

Agro's pledge for the New Year :

"To be nicer to everyone
except Ann-Maree
(his long­suffering cartoon show co­host).

"Next year I resolve to be a better person,
more considerate and patient
with the people I work with,
particularly that skinny blonde with the personality of an empty telephone box.

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